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Matt Black 


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ESTD       MB      2021

Creating New Standards 

For Quality Wedding Filmmaking

Our mission is to artfully capture the love, emotions, and timeless moments of each couple's unique journey. Through cinematic storytelling, We aim to create wedding films that not only preserve the memories of that special day but also touch the hearts of generations to come. We're dedicated to making every wedding film a cherished and enduring masterpiece. 

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Elizabeth & Matt

"The amount of compliments we get on our wedding video is incredible. People that work in video production/editing, videographers, wedding planners…the list goes on and on…and everyone says it’s the best wedding video they have ever seen. That it shows our personalities perfectly and captures all of the best parts of the day (and the little intricacies that no one knew about). I will sing your praises to anyone and everyone that says they’re getting married and want a videographer (and if they say they don’t I’ll say “yes, yes you do, and you want Matt Black”)."

Marie & Josh

 Josh and I got our wedding video today and we absolutely love it! We've watched it so many times already you really did an awesome, awesome job thank you for stepping in last minute we're so glad things went the way they did because you're amazing!

Meet Matt Black

I'm Matt, and I'm not just a videographer; I'm a storyteller with a camera. My passion for this craft runs deep. I live to capture the moments that words can't express, to bring emotions to life through visuals. Whether it's a wedding, a documentary, or a corporate project, I pour my heart into every frame. It's about creating a connection, evoking feelings, and making a lasting impact. I'm on a lifelong journey of exploration, innovation, and touching hearts through the power of videography.

Matt Black

Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller 
Hi! I'm Matt, and I love my job. There is nothing in the world more powerful than a good story and being able to tell a story is a great quality, but to bring it to life is magical. 
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